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My name is Kimberly Rockefeller. Thank you so much for your interest in my at home facial services. To say it's been an unusual month would be putting it mildly. As we all navigate our new norm, I have been testing new ideas to stay connected and keep you on track OR get you on track with your skin care routine. A great way to revitalize your skin is to do a Peel. A rapid cell turnover reveals beautiful new skin that is tighter, lighter, brighter.

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Normally, one of the obstacles for peeling is that your skin needs a full week out of the sun to transform. Some of those days you look a little unsightly so we always plan peels after vacations or several weeks prior to big events. Since all of these factors have been taken out of the equation, it really is an ideal time to get your flake on. I have taken one of my most versatile deep peels and modified it for at home use. Prior to purchase, you will fill out a questionnaire and/or have a video chat with me so I can determine exactly what products will best meet your goals. Follow this link to schedule a call:

Custom DIY Peel Kit: $150

Kit includes:

Pre & post care

Step-by-step video instruction

Optional video chat with me while you apply

Enough product to do 2 peels, 3 weeks apart

Delivery: FREE in San Diego (10 mile radius of the Rockefeller Center)

USPS Priority $9 within the US

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